Step 1: Diagnose

Define core requirements to map a successful system implementation

The first phase described in Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is the Diagnostic phase. The high-level planning and high-level analysis of business processes and infrastructure carried out during the Diagnostic phase are usually an important part of the sales cycle. The goal of the Diagnostic phase is to collect information to define a high-level project scope and then create a finalized customer agreement for the implementation project.

The Diagnostic phase maps to the Solution stage of the Sales Solution Process and results in a project proposal to be accepted by the customer. Hopefully, performing the Diagnostic phase activities will build customer confidence in the validity of the proposed solution before the implementation begins.

The work that performed in the Diagnostic phase results in several key deliverables. Because of the systematic nature of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, these deliverables provide important input into the phases of the implementation process.

  • Requirements and Process Review report
  • Fit and Gap Solution Blueprint report
  • Proof of Concept including Conference Room Demonstration if necessary
  • Architecture Assessment Report
  • Scoping Assessment
  • Business Case for financial justification is usually recommended
  • Project Planning Report including High-Level Project Charter, High-Level Project Plan for desired project type and Work Breakdown Structure for desired project type
  • Statement of Work and Budgetary Estimate Proposal

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