Greentree ERP Software: hosted
financial management solution

Profitable financial management is your goal. Greentree makes this possible with instant access to
error-free information.

Easy-to-use modular software delivers superior performance insights

Modules Include

  • General Ledger 
  • Cash Management
  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Fixed Assets
  • Consolidations & Translations
  • eReporting 
  • FREE (Financial Reporting Engine in Excel)
  • Foreign Currency

4 Ways Greentree Empowers Your Company

1Align Workflows With Your Goals

Align your processes with your 21st century goals and not 20th century habits. With Greentree, you have access to a live, proactive view of the business, allowing total visibility, averting errors, and streamlining processes.

Business workflow solutions include:
  • Greentree 3D Workflow

  • Approvals and Alerts

  • Business Process Management

  • Data Import Manager

  • Autoscan

Drive sales by exceeding customer expectations. Enjoy the confidence that comes with accurate inventory and warehouse management, real-time order processing, and flexible e-commerce.

Customer workflow solutions include:
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales & Delivery
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain
  • EDI

2Live Job Cost Management Enhances Profitability

With Greentree Job Cost Management you can integrate live control and tracking of all job-related resources – enhancing revenue and profitability. Quickly and accurately calculate costs and allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and people to jobs and projects.

Key Job Cost Management Features include:
  • Pre-Defined Templates
  • Multiple Customers
  • Project Jobs
  • Price Books
  • Minimum Margin %
  • Bulk ProFormas
  • Plant Charges
  • MS Project Interface
  • Complete real-time integration with other Greentree modules

3CRM: Optimize Relationships with Customers

The importance of customer loyalty has inspired hundreds of business books. Failing the customer has brought down hundreds of companies. Poor customer service can erode your brand and limit opportunities. You need a system that helps you optimize your relationship with your customers.

CRM solutions include:
  • Contacts & Relationships
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Bookings Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Fundraising (for nonprofit organizations)

4Mobile Solutions Grant You Access From Anywhere 

Customers demand rapid, accurate service as well as reduced costs in today’s increasingly competitive and fast-paced marketplace. When your business is already running lean and delivering quality results, mobile solutions help you further increase productivity and services levels at a reduced cost.

Mobile solutions include:
  • Mobile Warehouse Operations
  • Mobile Sales Management
  • Mobile Field Service

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