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5 Cool Things You Can do with Dynamics CRM for Tablets

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Powering Sales Teams on the Go

Productive and Agile Sales Teams Win More Deals

You've Heard the Hype, But Does it Really Add to the Bottom Line?

You betcha! In the past, we have been saddled to offices and hard-wired networks that housed all of the real-time data we needed to sell to our customers.  With Dynamics CRM Mobile, see how easy it is to empower your mobile sales reps to still "work the deal" no matter where they are. See how this can add to your bottom line from the day you roll it out.

Example: Distributor turns the page on mobile Dynamics CRM.

The field sales team makes weekly calls on their retail store clients, delivering a catalog of upcoming promotions and rebates. Using paper order forms and notes, they would jot down current needs and discuss future specials. Once back at the warehouse, the reps called the client to confirm orders and find acceptable replacements for any out of stock items. On the next call, they would review the catalog and start all over again. Sound familiar?

With Mobile CRM, that same sales team has transformed from order-takers to a proactive force armed with real-time stock information.  

  • Sales people get up to speed for each visit directly through their mobile device
  • On-the-fly prep is especially valuable when working with prospects
  • Armed with in-depth knowledge of the prospect's facilities before they walk in the door
  • Sales reps are prepared to solve customer problems as well as suggest improvements through new products
  • Answer questions about inventory, expected delivery dates and payment options immediately
  • Because these visits go so smoothly, prospects are often ready to sign on the dotted line on the first call

Additionally, these reps are collecting data at the source, instead of translating scribbles from the back of a napkin from their power lunch. Fewer mistakes, better information, everybody wins. These are just a few benefits of mobile CRM.  

Want to see it in action? Call or email us and we'll show you how easy this can be. 847-232-8202 or sales@crestwood.com.

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5 Cool Things You Can do with Dynamics CRM for Tablets

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