Best built-in reporting tools to run with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Boost productivity with these standard reports

Dynamics GP comes with hundreds of standard reports built-in. This will typically be your first place to look for typical business information like sales, purchasing, inventory, and more. 

Inquiry Windows: First source for ad hoc information 

Dynamics GP Inquiry Windows

Inquiry windows are a a live, interactive source of information for finding and analyzing ad hoc information.  Whether you are drilling into a specific payroll transaction or financial report, you can select the records you want to view and specify the order for displaying the records. You can scroll and drill down. For example, in the Payroll Transaction, you can see a range of Payroll transactions and then select one to view information about it.

Excel Dashboards in Dynamics GP

Another option for reporting on your data is to  use pre-built Excel reports.  These out-of-the-box reports are easy to set up and export to Excel with a single click.  Take a look at some of the powerful dashboard reports our clients use on a daily basis.  Watch this short video from Crestwood.


Microsoft Management Reporter: Manage & distribute financial reports

Robust reporting, drag and drop functionality, a DrillDown viewer and more features make Microsoft Management Reporter the most powerful financial performance management tool for Dynamics GP. 


​Management Reporter 101


​Advanced Topics in Management Reporter


Three building blocks are the key to flexibility

The key to flexibility in Microsoft MR is an easy-to-use system of three basic building blocks: row format, column layouts, and reporting trees. Users can define these building blocks to meet specific needs. Reporting trees are a hierarchical layout of your organization to build your organizational and reporting structures

Run Powerful Reports
  •  Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Budget vs. actual reports
  • any other financial report pulled from the General Ledger.
Drag & Drop Functionality

Create alternative structures and multiple rollups of various accounts to analyze your organization different ways

Microsoft DrillDown Viewer

Drill down into the different parts of the organization represented in the reporting tree

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