6 features that make Dynamics GP stand on its own

Reporting power, ease of use make Dynamics GP a top rated ERP

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is a complete business software management solution that 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses use to efficiently grow with confidence. Here's why.

1 Better Organization with user roles and activity centers 

Within an ERP system, each person is typically using only a piece of the application to perform their specific daily responsibilities. So with Dynamics GP, for each person’s ‘Role’ or daily job requirements, different information will be provided in a way that makes sense – for them.

Individually configured ‘Role Centers’ provides the tools to enable your people to access their information quickly and perform their daily tasks efficiently. The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model describes how people in departments do work within and across organizations. The customer model is ultimately used to design user experience that directly supports the specific work a person does.

The user roles can be translated into a roles based Home Page - with links to the processes they contribute to. Within the navigation structure on the home page, they can access a variety of “Activity Centers” that contain all the tasks they perform in a specific process.
These can Activity centers can be standardized and shared across the organization, providing more efficient and complete processing, faster training and greater flexibility.

2 More Automation saves time on repetitive tasks 

We all want to make our jobs to be easier, especially the routine, repetitive business transactions that just need to be processed in order to operate a business or any organization.

Dynamics GP is tightly integrated, so information flows from one part of the application to another. It automates critical accounting tasks and connects information for general ledger, payables, receivables, and other interlocking modules.

And in GP most of the modules have the option to utilize ‘Batch processing’. This means you can save your work documents as a group or batch for future review, approval, transaction and posting of the documents. This makes it much easier to process larger numbers of documents quickly and easily and if necessary to  identify discrepancies. As with many other activities, it is usually faster and easy to do many tasks all at the same time instead doing many individual tasks one at a time.

3 Greater Familiarity with Microsoft Suite integration

This may not seem critical, but when it comes to adopting new technology, for the great majority of  people, the less change in the way the application works from what they are familiar with, the easier it is for people to learn.

When you get into a new car, how easy is it to drive for the first time? Probably pretty easy – its all basically the same. But what about getting into an British car? Sure all the controls and operations are basically the same, but how familiar is it?

Microsoft Dynamics GP ‘s interface provides the look and feel of familiar software your people are currently use to perform their daily tasks like Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office Excel. This helps your people learn and start using Dynamics GP more quickly and with less disruption.

4 Better Reporting delivers insights for confident decision making

What good having all that good information into a business system if its not easy to get out? Effective reporting and collaborative integration in Microsoft Dynamics GP provides you the information you need to make the best possible decisions. There are a lot of options for reporting, including other external reporting tools that are easily connected to GP, such as Microsoft Excel.

5 Easier Integration with Microsoft technoloies

And with Dynamics GP, you can leverage Microsoft’s technologies and easy to use, familiar products to implement new solutions quickly and start increasing the productivity of organization now and into the future. You can rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP to leverage other Microsoft infrastructure and application technologies.

6 Better Support with a one-stop-shop partner 

To utilize your application most effectively, you need to leverage the knowledge and expertise of those who know the software. Crestwood Associates prides itself in being the best one-stop-shop in town for all your Dynamics GP consulting needs – from initial implementation to ongoing, full life cycle support.

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