How to Use GP Workflows with Gmail

While working with a client recently, I experienced issues getting Workflow Emails to send using a Google / Gmail account.  In fact, I couldn’t even get the test email to go through, even though I entered all the necessary account and SMTP information on the Workflow Setup window in Dynamics GP 2016.

No Errors

When attempting to send the test email from this window, I received no errors but would never receive a test email.  After some troubleshooting and ultimately digging into the Workflow Setup table in SQL (WF00100), I learned something new — the password field is limited to 15 characters.

The Work-Around

If you’re looking to use a Gmail account for email, this 15 character password limit can cause issues.  Many Gmail users follow Google’s recommended setup to secure their mailboxes by using an auto-generated “App Password.”  However, this doesn’t play nice with Workflow Setup in Dynamics GP because Gmail generates a 16 character password, exceeding the limit for the SMTP password field in Dynamics GP.  More info about App Passwords with Gmail is available here.

Setting Up Gmail

To get things to work, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Configure Gmail to have a password with 15 or fewer characters. To do this, click on your picture in the top right corner of Gmail, and then choose My Account.
  2. Disable 2-step Verification within your Gmail account settings.  In the image above, this is found under Signing in to Google.
  3. Set “Allow less secure apps” to be “On” within your Gmail account as well. You can find this in the same section of Sign-in & Security, under Apps with account access.

A Final Note

If you’re looking to use Workflow Email Approvals with a Gmail account, the end user needs to be using Microsoft Outlook with their Gmail account. The web services links for approval won’t work outside of Outlook, so users would need to login to GP to do any workflow approvals if they aren’t using Outlook to access their emails.

Have questions around Workflow Email Approvals? Shoot us an email at We’ll be happy to help you.

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