Getting Started with Microsoft Power BI

Tablet with dashboard

An easy to follow guide for beginners and end users – like me!

This guide is designed for end users like me, to help you to get up and running with Power BI.  Maybe you’ve heard of Microsoft Power BI and even tried playing around with it.  However, I find if you don’t have a bunch of time upfront, it probably went to the wayside.

Power BI really is a great tool, and with our help, you too can get those reports and dashboards you’ve dreamed of.  In this handy guide, I will explain some basic, need to know concepts, and get you started with time-saving, easy to use templates.

This guide covers:

  • Need-to-know basics
  • Where to start
  • Getting your data
  • Making & understanding reports
  • Dashboards
  • Favorites
  • More help & information

Download your copy today!

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