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Company Data Archive Plus for Analytical Accounting

Easily archive analytical accounting data.


If you use Analytical Accounting (AA) with Dynamics GP, and you are archiving your GP data using Professional Advantage’s Company Data Archive product, you’ll be thrilled to hear about our add-on solution.

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Many customers neglect data management, only handling it on a repair and maintain basis, with no data archiving or purging. As a result, their databases have grown exponentially over the years. They don’t realize that database archiving and purging is a critical task that can improve daily performance and avoid data corruption and system crashes.

If you are archiving your GP data, you want to include your Analytical Accounting data as well. Our Analytical Accounting extension to Professional Advantage’s Company Data Archive (CDA) tool will archive your AA data along with your GP data. Without our tool, your AA data will be left behind and will not be accessible in the archive.

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