360° Sales View for Acumatica



(formerly Customer Launchpad)

Make it easy for your sales team to sell. View and edit all client information in one place, instead of jumping from screen to screen.

View Complete Order History

Get an overall customer view, with full drill-down capability and easily create new sales orders from an older order.

Customer LaunchPad Screenshot

Quick Sales Order Entry

Select any items from a customer order and then press “Quick SO Creation” to quickly create an Acumatica Sales Order.
Customer LaunchPad Screenshot

Create and Analyze Orders Quickly

You can launch the 360 Sales View directly from the Sales Order and add items as requested by the customer.
Customer LaunchPad Screenshot

Key Features

  • Conduct customer order analysis, including viewing all sales orders by customer, sales order profitability by line item, drilling into specific sales orders, and viewing customer balance information for this year and last.
  • Conduct inventory sales analysis, including viewing all sales order by inventory item or class.
  • See what you have charged different customers for the same item.
  • Quickly create a new sales order from the launchpad.
  • View all the item history for all customers to view what you have charged and the profitability of all the items.


Annual Subscription: Starts at $1,000

License: Starts at $2,500
Annual Maintenance: 20%

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