Field Value Security for Dynamics GP

Lock down checkbook access in Dynamics GP, and more.



Our Field Value Security software monitors the system to prevent the use and display of checkbook IDs on any window and report for any module in the system. Users will only see those checkbooks to which they have been assigned access.

Field Value Security works on a per-user basis, not on a per-class basis, allowing the security model to be as granular as possible.

Key features:

  • Lock down checkbooks
  • Lock down any field, window, product
  • Specify field value restrictions
  • Automatically updates for all products, windows, forms. Even Smartlist
  • Easy to install and then set and forget
  • Lock down by user
  • Transparent
  • In Dynamics GP 2013 & 2015 it works in the web client
  • Takes field level security one step further by allowing “field value security”
  • Up to 100 users and 25 checkbooks

Field Value Security Screenshot

Price: $1,500

Annual maintenance: 20% of list price
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