Acumatica Deployment and Pricing

So, you’re thinking about Acumatica?  Here are 4 easy steps to help you decide on what deployment and pricing options you need:

  1. Assess what ERP functionality your business needs
  2. Look at the deployment options
  3. Review licensing options
  4. Contact Crestwood for a free quote & get all your questions answered


Acumatica ERP provides the full suite of integrated business management applications, including Financials, Distribution, Project Accounting, and CRM, as well as separate Field Service Edition, Commerce Edition, Manufacturing Edition, and Construction Edition. You choose which modules and features you want, and don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Acumatica has several different base product editions. From there, you can purchase any additional needed applications separately.

Every edition* comes standard with advanced financials (GL, AP, AR, banking, tax, reporting, etc.); business process monitoring and automation; multiple currencies and consolidation. Then you have the ability to add any additional functionality, such as CRM, order management (SOP and POP), inventory control, and much more.

Compare Acumatica Product Editions

*Construction Edition does not include multiple currencies and consolidation out of the box.

Hosting & Deployment

Once you decide on your functionality, you need to choose where you are going to host your Acumatica ERP solution.  On premise or in the cloud.  We recommend hosting it in our private Crestwood Cloud.  There are extra benefits with no additional fees for you, such as:

  • Additional security measures against hackers and lost data
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of your system
  • No downtime – 99.9% guarantee your system is always up

Hosting options…

Software as a Service (SaaS) – Cloud

SaaS service generally provides the lowest total cost of ownership, the greatest flexibility, and the highest service availability.

How it works: you obtain an annual subscription license to Acumatica for a system run in a public cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services). You pay a set monthly fee and your hardware, IT infrastructure, and upgrades are all handled by Acumatica. This is a completely outsourced true “cloud” model.

Private Cloud Subscription (PCS) – Crestwood Cloud Hosted

Our Most Popular Option – An annual subscription license for Acumatica hosted in our private Crestwood Cloud.

How it works: you’re still obtaining a subscription license to Acumatica (which means you’re always up-to-date), but you can choose how and where to host, including the option to deploy on-premise.

Private Cloud Perpetual (PCP) – On-Premise

Perpetual Licensing might be for you if you prefer a larger upfront investment, if you want to manage the solution internally, and will run the software on your premises (or will have it hosted by a third party per the license agreement).

How it works: Pay a one-time cost up front for the perpetual license, along with a recurring annual maintenance fee. Software Maintenance services can be purchased to receive software updates, which allow customers to keep the software up-to-date with the latest enhancements, patches, and upgrades.

Deployment options…

How are you going to deploy your Acumatica ERP system?  Crestwood offers two deployment choices:  Traditional vs. Agile Deployment.

Traditional Deployment:  Crestwood’s team of experienced consultants get to know your business and do all the work.  This is a full service option, from discovery to go-live, including training for users.

Agile Deployment:  Many of our clients prefer a short test-drive of Acumatica first.  In the best interest of our clients and quality control, the agile deployment allows you to test things out. It’s an initial set-up of one entity in approximately 30 days, so you can see first-hand, how Acumatica will work with your business.  

Next, get pricing

Acumatica meets your business needs.  No more per user licenses to buy, instead, Acumatica pricing is based on the resources you use, giving you the ability to quickly scale up or down.  This is why Acumatica is becoming the best cloud ERP solution for growing businesses.

Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What type of applications do I want to use? What functionality do I need in my ERP?
  • What type of license: SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud Subscription, or Private Perpetual License?
  • What is the projected level of consumption based on the volume of my business transactions and storage needs?

Think of it this way, for each Acumatica edition, you will then choose whether to operate at a small, medium, or large “resource level” (also known as a “transaction tier”). There are no set rules on how to select a resource level. Generally your transaction volume will be the best indicator.

  • Small: Approximately 25 concurrent users, max 2,000 monthly commercial transactions.
  • Medium: Approximately 50 concurrent users, max 5,000 monthly commercial transactions.
  • Large: Approximately 100 concurrent users, max 20,000 monthly commercial transactions.

Crestwood can analyze your current system to help you determine the right resource level.  For many clients, the small resource level (which is included in the core price) is sufficient for their needs. You can quickly adjust up and down to accommodate fluctuating sales during different times of the year.

The last step…

Once you have a basic understanding of the above three areas, the next step is to talk to an expert on our team! We are an experienced and award-winning Acumatica partner, and have seen it all. We can talk through what exactly your business will need, and what it’s likely to cost. Crestwood can explain the differences in cost, deployment options, as well as the traditional break-even points among the Acumatica price options.

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