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Certified Cloud Hosting Services

Keeping up with technology can be difficult and costly, but it doesn’t have to be that way! More and more companies are choosing to simplify, protect and secure their business systems by moving to the cloud. As your technology partner, we understand you’re not specialists at everything. By partnering with Crestwood, a Certified Cloud Solutions Provider, we share our expertise in ERP and Cloud solutions, as well as  give you the same level of service and confidence we have for ourselves. 

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Crestwood Associates
Crestwood Associates
Crestwood Cloud
Crestwood Cloud

The Crestwood Cloud is a first-class, cost-effective monthly subscription service to ensure your data is safe, secure and reliable. We utilize premium Microsoft Azure / cloud technology and then build in services based on your particular needs, so you can have a state of the art cloud system to fit your growing business without service bloat.

Crestwood Cloud Features

Here are some of the features and built-in services you get with the Crestwood Cloud:

  • Admin access to your data
  • Unrivaled security & state of the art firewall protection
  • Single tenants – no sharing of hardware resources
  • RemoteApp: Easy 1-click access to Apps
Crestwood Associates
99.95% Uptime Guarantee

The Crestwood Cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, utilizing Microsoft’s premium storage which comes with a 99.95% uptime guarantee for the associated virtual machine.

Crestwood Associates

We maintain both short-term and long-term backups for Crestwood Cloud tenants. Since each environment is dedicated, clients are provided direct access to their own SQL instance. This is optimal for those who are interested in access to their own database for backup, restore and query operations.


If you require additional support, Crestwood has an in-house dedicated support team able to speak to your needs or concerns


Crestwood Associates team members monitor the Crestwood Cloud 24/7 via a PRTG service. With our monitoring, we can detect problems before they deteriorate into bigger issues avoiding costly outages; for example, failed backups.


The Crestwood Cloud leverages Microsoft’s compliance and infrastructure protection solutions, including packet inspection and intrusion detection capabilities along with traditional fire-walling and VPN functionality.

Cloud Hosting Equals Peace of Mind

Having your data backed up in the cloud is simple, automatic and secure. You’ll have peace of mind and a significant positive impact on your budget.

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