Get More from Your Microsoft Subscriptions

Crestwood Associates – Your Cloud & O365 Concierge Service

We want you to get the most from your Cloud & Office 365 subscriptions.  As a certified Cloud Service Provider and Microsoft Gold partner, Crestwood Associates is able to offer you free concierge services for your Microsoft subscriptions; such as:

  • Productivity & security assessment
  • Webinars & updates
  • Help navigating the cloud
  • User adoption assistance
  • Information on new features
  • Noteworthy app information
  • Immediate support escalation
  • Yes, all for free!

Nothing changes & no extra cost

What’s the catch?  Nothing!  Microsoft wants you to have your choice of partners and services.  You can create multiple cloud partner relationships and there is no change to your services or extra cost.

By creating a cloud partner relationship with Crestwood, we would be one of your Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and if you so choose, you can purchase offers and get administrative support from us.  It does not change or modify your existing subscriptions, we do not have access to your data, nor does it change the terms of your existing subscriptions.

What do I do?

Signing up is easy!  To begin setting up your cloud partner relationship with Crestwood Associates, click the button below. You will need to have Global Admin access to your subscriptions. Download a PDF of the 4 steps with screen shots to walk you through the partner agreement. If you have further questions, speak with your CAM or contact us at