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Crestwood Associates delivers expert consulting on customized solutions to integrate your ERP system and eCommerce web store for a flexible, limitless, unified commerce solution that retains customers for life.

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What Services Does Crestwood Offer?

Crestwood Associates
eCommerce Integration

Integration with popular eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce and Shopify to provide a truly unified commerce solution enables you to:

  • Offer customer-specific pricing
  • Recreate your in-store point-of-sale experience
  • Gift card processing and management
  • Create innovative offers and promotions
  • Feature customer loyalty programs
  • Ensure accurate order delivery
  • Provide tracking information for shipments
  • Facilitate multi-channel customer returns
  • Give customers what they want, when they want it
Make Proactive Decisions

Gain clarity across your business to help optimize inventory management, improve customer satisfaction, and make informed, more proactive decisions. Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce storefront with your financials, warehouse and distribution for real-time visibility and control from order acceptance to fulfillment.

Simplify your workflow with a single back-office application. Manage receipt of orders from web, mail order, telesales or in-store purchase. Reduce costs with intelligent inventory management and have data all in one place for analytics and reporting.

Futureproof Your ERP and eCommerce Platform

Grow your business with an eCommerce platform that adapts to your needs and gives you the flexibility to shift with changing business needs. With a cloud business management ERP solution built using modern web technologies, your business enjoys futureproof growth and customization capabilities.

Flexible and open API enables seamless ERP system integration with popular eCommerce front ends, such as BigCommerce, and Shopify to ensure your financials and inventory are always up to date.

Earn Customers for Life

The benefit of an ERP system integration with eCommerce is to create unique customer experiences that augment your in-store brand experience to attract and retain customers for life. Because the system is aligned with the customer journey, eCommerce functionality fosters stickiness. Your customer is supported and guided through the entire cycle, from browsing your offerings to ease of payment, returns and cart reminders.

Simplify and accelerate the buying process, elevate the customer experience and increase your customer lifetime value.

eCommerce Strategy and Support

Crestwood will work to identify an ERP business management solution that readily integrates with your eCommerce web store. We’ll connect your storefront with a flexible back-office system that grows with your company, offers unique customer experiences and provides critical business insights.

Strategic support is critical to a successful eCommerce ERP integration. This includes a sequence of steps: 

  • Data Migration
  • Shopping Cart Experience Optimization
  • Site Theming 
  • Site Customization  
  • Web Development
  • App Development
On-Going eCommerce ERP Support Plan

When you work with Crestwood Associates, you will have a dedicated Client Account Manager. Attract and keep customers for life, use a business management solution that readily integrates with your eCommerce web store. Connect your storefront with a flexible back-office system that grows with your company, offers unique customer experiences, and provides valuable insights into your business. 



ERP and eCommerce Connector Implementation and Advising

Our seasoned pros help you select an ERP or eCommerce software tool that connects your storefront with your back office system with scalability, providing valuable insights into your business.  Visit to learn more.

Experienced ERP
Implementation Consultants

At Crestwood Associates, we are software agnostic. Our experienced consultants have been advising clients in a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Through more than 5,000 ERP implementations all over the nation, we’ve learned how to help companies avoid pitfalls and achieve success.

We turn middle market companies into profit powerhouses through the intelligent application of powerful software and insightful experience.

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