AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica

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Never chase down paper invoices again! Our AP Inbox Assist solution for Acumatica allows you to bring in invoices directly from your email inbox, streamlining your experience, from receipt of invoice to approval and payment.

Download the AP Inbox Assist Datasheet

  • Automatically integrate AP invoices via email with attachments into a queue for processing.
  • View multi-page AP invoices and use to key data to quickly create the AP Bill:
    • AP invoice is auto displayed within the bill creation window.
    • Reduce AP Bill creation time by 50%.
    • Eliminate data entry errors.
  • 1-click AP bill creation and vendor invoices and the original email are automatically attached to the bill for historical review.
  • Create credit and debit memos as well to ensure accuracy of each vendor AP subledger.

Pricing based on your Acumatica resource level
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