Crestwood Add-on Auto Kitting

Auto Kitting for Acumatica


Innovating Assembly and Inventory Management in Acumatica

Distributors selling assembly-required goods now have a powerful new tool: Auto Kitting by Crestwood Associates. This enhancement broadens the scope of Acumatica’s kitting capabilities, treating kits as ready-to-go finished goods, available pre-built or assembled per sales order request — a feature not present in standard Acumatica offerings.Auto Kitting Capabilities Chart

Crestwood’s Auto Kitting combines the best aspects of Stock Kits and Non-Stock Kits and improves on them. The Quantity that can be assembled based on component quantities on hand is presented during Sales Order entry, making it easy to understand what can be promised. Kit creation is simplified by automatically creating Stock Kits when a Sales Order is shipped, eliminating the separate step of kit assembly. The detailed components of automatically created kits are linked to the Sales Order and can be included on the Pick Ticket and other documents. Additionally, Cost Valuation methods encompass the full suite of Stock Kit options, include “Average”, “Standard”, “FIFO” and “Specific” costs.

The Auto Kitting product simplifies the kit creation process essential for order fulfillment. It is designed for easy integration, requiring minimal setup, and seamlessly blending into the Sales Order Screen for an improved user experience and productivity boost. Although the comprehensive Manufacturing product has comparable features, it also brings higher costs and added complexity. By linking kit assembly directly with sales orders, this solution enhances tracking and reporting, resulting in increased productivity, less effort, and fewer clicks.

Key Benefits

  • Combines the benefits of Stock Kits and Non-Stock Kits.
  • Provides visibility to the Kit quantity that can be assembled, based on component availability.
  • Streamlines the fulfillment process by providing Flexible Kit creation: Directly from Sales Order, either manually or automatically at shipment creation.
  • Links Stock Kit components to the underlying Sales Order to facilitate fulfillment.

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