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Not all clouds are created equal. Crestwood’s cloud is secure, easy, reliable, and harnesses the power of Azure.

If you have questions about moving your solutions online, we have answers.  Many of our clients choose to start small, and move one or two systems to the cloud. This approach builds confidence with both leadership and everyday end-users. For example, switching to Office 365 and/or Exchange Online are quick and painless for most companies.

The services to move Microsoft Office to Office 365 include:

  • User migration (create users)
  • File shares
  • SharePoint Online – Active Directory
  • Exchange environment – upload mail
  • Update Microsoft Outlook clients

If you’re ready to move your ERP solution to Azure, we have 3 different “profiles” to choose from:

  • Customer Profile 1 =  1-10 users, <100 GB Data
  • Customer Profile 2 = 11-20 users, <200 GB Data
  • Customer Profile 3 = 21-40 users, <400 GB Data

Network management services provided by Crestwood are included in all profiles. Crestwood maintains and monitors the virtual machines, catching any issues before they become a problem.

Managed IT Services from Crestwood Associates

Focus on your business, not on IT – options for all your needs.

Managed Services Chart

Peace of Mind with the Crestwood Cloud Azure Backup Plan

Do you know when your last complete, successful backup ran? Or where it is stored? We are always shocked by how many customers come to us not knowing this information, exposing themselves to enormous risk. Our easy backup plan ensures that they happen, and we verify them via monthly usage reports and real-time capacity notifications. In addition, you get:

  • Daily backups kept for 30 days.
  • Weekly backups kept on file for 1 year.
  • Monthly backups kept on file for 5 years.
  • Full recovery model for all SQL databases with transaction log backups
  • Dedicated Azure IaaS tenant with host VM RDP access provided at no extra cost.

Industry Standard Service Level Agreement

We guarantee virtual machine connectivity of at least 99.9%, commonly referred to as “three nines”, the same level that Microsoft offers. The risk of downtime is minor at any level of 99.9% or higher.

The Difference in Uptime Percentage Guarantees
Availability % Downtime per year
99.8% 17.52 hours
99.9% (“three nines”) 8.76 hours
99.95% 4.38 hours
99.99% (“four nines”) 52.56 minutes
99.999% (“five nines”) 5.26 minutes