Customer Management

Why Choose Acumatica Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

The Acumatica Customer Management (CRM) suite delivers a streamlined experience that improves your client involvement. Access the latest in sales and marketing automation to manage lead tracking, sales pipelines and customer service within a single cloud-based software system.  

The suite includes sales and marketing automation, and service/support automation for managing leads, campaigns, lists, contacts, opportunities, and business accounts through a centralized system with advanced analytics, forecasting and reporting. Quickly draw up the right information at the right moment with 1-button click. Always keep your sales department up to date with data integrated directly into your ERP.  

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Benefits of Acumatica CRM
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Key Benefits


  • Gain a 360-Degree View

  • Empower your customers

  • Team approach to sales and service

  • Improve Customer Service

  • CRM Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

  • Real-time synchronization with Salesforce

  • Track Campaign Expenses

  • Lead Metrics

  • AI-Powered Automation

  • Quick access to important activities

Account and Contact Management

Use artificial intelligence with machine learning to capture business card contacts using mobile image recognition. Convert leads into business accounts and contacts linked to activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents.

Integrated Financials

Link campaign response rates and sales performance to overall profitability. Acumatica Customer Management is integrated with your billing and financial data.

Email Management

Use email templates to send professional emails to prospects and customers that are consistent with brand guidelines. Automatically attach incoming and outgoing emails to CRM tasks and activities.

Reporting and Dashboards

Accelerate decision-making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of your business overall and focused views of departments and functions.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Acumatica’s Customer Self-Service Portal enables you to develop a customer portal experience where customers can access their information including contracts, financial statements, support cases, and more.

Sales Automation

Enhance the flow of information with Acumatica’s Sales Automation. Reduce sales cycles and increase close rates and watch as your numbers improve. Sales automation can provide your sales team with a complete overview of opportunities, contacs, along with all activity that may influence the sales outcome.

Integrated Marketing

Improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and support with Acumatica’s Integrated Marketing solution. Manage leads, improve conversions, measure performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Track the best channels for qualified leads.

Sales and Support Automation

Deliver a team-oriented approach to customer support and increased sales with Acumatica’s Service and Support Automation. Reduce response times, lower support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and accuratly bill transactions through financial module integration.

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