Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365 for Sales) powers your relationships

Speed Up Your Sales

Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365 for Sales) is a powerhouse solution that allows your team to find, grow and win business.

Crestwood speaks CRM

Crestwood uses Dynamics CRM in-house, and has for a decade. We understand the ins and outs, and have used our insights to help clients make more of the solution they’ve already invested in. Got a sticky CRM situation? Send it to us and see if we can help.

It’s Not Just for Sales

Traditionally, CRM solutions have been used by sales and marketing personnel.  However, as you consider an investment in Dynamics CRM, it is important to remember that anyone who interacts with your customers should be considered a potential user of the application. Of course, your marketing folks will want to use it to better manage their daily and weekly marketing activities; and your sales team will love its power and flexibility in assisting with managing leads and opportunities. But your customer service team will love the tools available to better track service issues and inquiries. And your management team will be thrilled to have all customer related information in a single location. In short, we have found that Dynamics CRM can touch anyone on your team who touches your customers!

Want to Learn More?

When most folks go to buy a car, they do a ton of research on the Internet. And then they go for a test drive. Likewise, we encourage you to read all about Dynamics CRM and alternate solutions online. When you are ready, we suggest you take Dynamics CRM for a testdrive. We can arrange a 30-day trial (try getting that from your average car salesman!) and we include a few guided sessions to make sure that you get acquainted with all the features. Learn more about our 30-day trial today! Just enter in 30-day trial in the message and you’ll be off to the races.

Success Story

Crestwood client Trim A Door, an interior-door, trim, cabinetry and millwork manufacturing firm in Indiana, came to us determined to fix the many inconsistencies they were experiencing within their quotes. Crestwood made it a priority to develop a plan to resolve their problem and Dynamics CRM with Experlogix was the solution. Take a look at our Dynamics CRM case study that illustrates the challenges, solution, and ROI Trim A Door is experiencing, in their own words.

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