Working at Crestwood

We are a growing organization of talented individuals who share the same core values, a common vision, and a passion for helping businesses accelerate their operational efficiencies.

Part of the Crestwood People Component is placing the right person in the right role and ensuring all team members are a great culture fit.

  1. Do they Get it?
    • A team member who truly understands the job role. They know what is expected, comprehend the culture, and are in line with our company’s Vision and Core Values. This is a team member who truly “gets it”.
  2. Do they Want it
    • We look for impact players. A team member who wants to work with us. They are interested, have the desire, and are motivated by our core values to do the job to the best of their ability.
  3. Do they have Capacity to do it
    • The team member has knowledge, experience and/or education to be able to do the job. They must be willing to put in the time and have the physical, emotional, and mental capabilities necessary. Some employees can be trained to improve his or her capacity. Others cannot.

As a growing firm, we’ve learned that multiple points with each candidate make for solid hiring decisions. Of course, you’ll talk with leadership and department director, but you’ll also interact with staff from other departments during your interview process.  This experience allows us to see your collaboration and communication skills in action and it allows you to get to know our organization.

The hiring process may take a little longer, but not too long, and it’s absolutely worth it to ensure the continued integrity of the Crestwood Culture..