Our Vision

Deploying business applications is not easy work and yet much of today’s messaging suggests otherwise. Through our vast experience, we maintain a pragmatic and grounded approach to these complexities. It is our commitment to stand firm against the unrealistic and guide our clients through the many variables associated with deploying business applications. Because of this, our clients routinely realize returns well beyond industry norms.

Our Clients

Our clients take control of their business systems and demonstrate an aptitude to deploy new ideas without assumptions. They understand their industry, where they want to go and seek a relationship with those who can help them navigate complexity. In an industry where most companies change software systems every five years, many of our clients have relied on our expertise for over a decade.

Our Values

Love What You Do – enjoy your work every day and always remember how we help our clients to work faster and with more insight.

Be Curious – maintain a genuine desire to learn and apply that to our knowledge to create amazing outcomes.

Do the Right Thing – always act in the best interests of our clients.

Be Pragmatic – if something doesn’t add up, speak up.

Perform Deliberately – fast or slow, be intentional in our efforts; execute only on jobs that are well considered and properly planned.

Be Transparent – sharing furthers partnership and ensures trust. Provide all that you can, in a proactive manner.

Collaborate – Crestwood exists because of our clients and has found the best fit with clients that work alongside us.

Our Mission

We strive for a thoughtful, collaborative relationship with our clients. We apply our knowledge to optimize business processes, enable our clients to be more self-sufficient and make the complex simpler.