Inventory Substitutions & Upsell for Acumatica



Don’t lose sales due to out of stock items. Extend your reach with Substitutions and Companion product functionality in Acumatica. Easily offer your customers substitutions for out of stock items. You can offer your customers a choice of alternatives or set an automatic substitute item for any given product.

The main sales order entry screen has a new tab, Substitute.

Inventory Substitutions Screenshot

When clicked, a window appears, with a list of possible substitute items for the out of stock item.

Inventory Substitutions Screenshot

Also, you have the ability to suggest companion products, like accessories, right within the sales order entry screen. A new Companion tab, next to the substitution tab, is available.

Inventory Substitutions Screenshot

When clicked, a series of possible add-on products will appear.

Inventory Substitutions Screenshot


Annual Subscription: Starts at $1,000

License: Starts at $2,500
Annual Maintenance: 20%

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