SQL Optimizer

Save hours & no down time.  SQL Optimizer reviews and only reorganizes or rebuilds what is necessary.


Don’t skip important maintenance or endure unnecessary downtime – losing productivity.
SQL Optimizer works fast to save you hours & no down time.

Crestwood Associates knows how important it is to maintain your databases, and even more important are those indexes, so you keep up your speed. However, rebuilding indexes during maintenance often takes too long; therefore, people have to wait, you scheduling them sparingly, or skip rebuilding them completely.

SQL Optimizer speeds up this process. It tests your databases against a set of thresholds, high and low. If the index fragmentation of the database is:

  • Above the high level = the index is completely rebuilt
  • Between low & high = the index is reorganized
  • Below low = nothing happens

So, rather than rebuilding ALL indexes, all the time, SQL Optimizer reviews and only reorganizes or rebuilds what is necessary. It’s simple, it works, and it keeps your database running fast.

SQL Optimizer:  Save Hours & No Down Time

Example – You have 40-50 Dynamics GP Databases
Regular SQL Maintenance Plan with rebuilding indexes = 8+ hours
SQL Optimizer = 14 minutes, 1st run & 8 minutes on the 2nd run

SQL Optimizer is recommended for:

  • Multiple or larger-sized databases
  • Companies experiencing SQL performance issues / running on sub-par hardware
  • Anyone needing a highly responsive SQL environment
    • Heavy reporting
    • Lots of customizations
  • Data Marts
  • More efficiency

Price:  $1,000

Annual maintenance: 20% of list price

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