Welcome to the Crestwood Academy & Business Central

We are excited to have you with us!  This page will help get you started with your new Business Central system.

Get Started with Business Central:

One of our Business Central experts should have already called you to get some required information.

  1. Billing – we will contact you to provide your credit card information for your monthly subscription.
  2. We will also need to know if you have a Microsoft 365 tenant already.  You might want to check with your IT person as we will need someone with Global Admin permissions.
  3. Think of what name you want in the URL for Business Central.  Most clients create a name that includes their business name along with BC.

Get started with training:

  1. First, please log into your Business Central system.  Make sure you have access.  If not, email us at support@crestwood.com.
  2. Next, you’ll want to get familiar with the interface and some basics.  Watch the recorded prerequisite videos in the Crestwood Academy Vault.
  3. After you have learned the basics of navigation and the interface, sign up for Session #1 of our live webinars in the Crestwood Academy.  There are six session in all, over a 2 week period.  We recommend you take them in order, but you can take them as many times as you want.  It’s helpful to try things out in Business Central and then join the session again.
  4. Share the Crestwood Academy sign up page with your team members.  Everyone should attend webinars relevant to their job.
  5. Download the implementation guides to help you get started:  Financials for Business Central

Crestwood Help Desk:

If at anytime, you need assistance, contact our Crestwood team of Business Central experts by emailing us at Support@Crestwood.com.  Include as much information as you can, including screenshots, in your email.   Our staff is on-hand 9am to 5pm, CST, Monday thru Friday.  We always try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Crestwood Licensing Portal:

After you’re familiar with Business Central, you might want to purchase more licenses, or subscriptions to Office 365 products.  You can easily add subscriptions through our Microsoft self-service portal.