Configuring Acumatica to Handle Incoming Credit Card Payments

Most people, now days use credit cards for purchases.  One of the things Acumatica handles smoothly is the ability to process credit cards.   I’m going to show you how to set up the processing and payment methods for processing credit cards in Acumatica.

If you’re using the Acumatica plug-ins for processing credit card payments, there are a few things to double check, just to make sure you can process everything correctly. In this example, I am going to use, which is the built-in plug-in that comes with Acumatica; however, these basic items also apply to most other 3rd party plug-ins for payment processing.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure that your Acumatica website, internally, or externally is a secure website (https).  In order to communicate properly with or other payment processing plug-ins, your website needs to be a secure site.
  2. To set up processing, go to:  Finance > Cash Management > Configuration > Processing CentersA – The associated bank account to capture transactions against
    B – The name of the associated plug-in
    C – Do not check “Allow Direct Input”; instead, check “Synchronize Deletion” so that your website gets updated with deletions and data stays in Sync.
    D – The proper URL. Each provider has its own website. This one works best with
    E – Your account login with your provider
    F – Your Transaction Key. This is an important key that is not to be shared with anyone. Your provider will give you this to use for connecting into their system for processing
  3. Next, you will configure your Payment Methods.  Go to: Finance > Cash Management > Configuration > Payment Methods

    A – Make sure that for incoming payments, the check box is selected for “AR”
    B – Check the two boxes for “Integrated Processing” and “Require Card/Account Number”
    C – The bottom section will drop the defaults into the grid. You will need to configure them.
    D – Check the boxes required to associate with the processing.
    E – Your entry mask for each type.
    F – Any validation keys for formatting and setting up the system not to handle incomplete or incorrect information. For instance, all VISA cards start with a 4, so the validation expression is set to make the first number a 4 and be 16 digits in length.
    G – What your entry mask looks like when you enter in new credit card information.
  4. Associate the processing center to the Payment Methods
  5. Last, associate the Payment Methods to the proper Cash Account. Go to:  Finance > Cash Management > Work Area > Cash Accounts

Now that you have Acumatica configured to handle credit card processing, you’ll want to read my post on Handling Vendor Payments Made by Corporate Credit Cards in Acumatica and ultimately the different ways to capture payments in the system.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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