Where Are My Report Template Modifications in Dynamics GP?

Have you ever modified a report template in Microsoft Dynamics GP, only to go and print it, and your changes aren’t there?


If you modify a Word document outside of Dynamics GP, it doesn’t know that the file has changed. It’s easy to fix, just import the Word template you changed so that Dynamics GP recognizes the changes.

Here’s How

In Dynamics GP, to modify a Word template, go to Reports>Template Maintenance, select your template and click on Modify. Once modifications have been completed, save the Word document. The default location where the file gets saved is C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Temp.

(If you choose to do a save as, make sure to note where you saved the file because you will need it for the next step.)

Now, go back to the Report Template Maintenance window in Dynamics GP.  You will need to link up the template with the modified Word form you just modified.   Highlight the template and choose the green plus sign.

Next, browse to the location of the file you just saved, select it and choose save.  Again, the default location where the file gets saved is C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Temp.

If you get the following message in Dynamics GP, that’s ok.

The template you are adding already exists in the database.  Would you like to replace the existing template?

It is just a warning letting you know that you already have a template file existing in the database.  Click on yes, because you modified that template and you are replacing the previous version.

The last step is to give your template access to the company and customers.  To do this, highlight the template and choose Assign.  Select the company you want to assign this template to.  Since there is only one template to this report, all customers will be assigned to this template when you choose to assign the template to the company.  You also have the option at that point to make the template the default.

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