PSTL Company Copy for Dynamics GP

Microsoft includes a license with Dynamics GP for their “Swiss Army Knife” set of tools called the Personal Services Tools Library (PSTL).   One of these tools is Company Copy.  It is used to copy the setups from one company to a new one.  This is very useful for new Dynamics GP companies, implementations, or for testing purposes.

There are a few setup steps if you decide to proceed with this.

  1. Check for any updates for PSTL from Microsoft.  It’s always useful to avoid bugs you might otherwise find.  Then make sure you have PSTL installed on your workstation.  PSTL is installed along with the Dynamics GP client.
  2. Next make sure your ODBC connection is set up properly.  If you use the Dynamics GP installer to create your ODBC connection you’re fine.  But if you manually create ODBC connections make sure none of the boxes are checked in the ODBC setup.
  3. After you create the new company using GP Utilities make sure you have a Currency assigned and set up for this company, and that you have an Account Format.
  4. Finally start PSTL and click the button on the lower left to “Rebuild Procs”.  If all is well and that step completes you are ready to proceed.
  5. Select Company Copy and click Next.

In the Company Copy window, you will have to type the Source and Destination company database ID’s manually.  The lookups don’t work for this.  After you type that select to copy Data and/or Reports, then select any or All Modules to copy the setups for.

This will copy all the setup and master file information from the Source company to the Destination.  So for example, if you choose Payables you will copy the Setup, Vendor and Class information.  You would typically choose Company but make sure you change any company-specific setups that are not the same between the two companies.  Also this does not include security.  Make sure you copy that in GP Utilities when you create the new company.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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