Managing Your Favorites Menu in Acumatica

Do you use Favorites in Acumatica?  If not, you’re missing a great organization tool.

In Acumatica, you can tag your most frequently used items as Favorites.  That way you have quick access to them every day.


Here’s some tips on how to manage your Favorites list:

To add a new item to your Favorites list, click the star to the right of the name at the top.

Acumatica finance toolbar

Initially, the items are listed in the same order in which you added them to the Favorites.

Acumatica favorites section

Sometimes, we want a different order to our Favorites list in Acumatica.  No problem.  It’s easy – simply click your user name and then click Organize Favorites.

The User Favorites organizer allows you to sort the items and create folders, just like you would on your computer.

Let’s group these items inside two folders, AR and AP. On the right side, click the plus (+) sign at the top and add two new folders. Check the Expand box if you want to automatically display the links when you open the Favorites menu.

Move the folders up to their proper positions. Notice that on the left, all the folders are now at the same hierarchical level under Favorites.

To change the hierarchy, select a folder and click the Move One Level Down arrow.

Repeat the process until they appear under the folder you want as the main one.

Don’t forget to click the Save icon up top.

That’s it – your Favorites menu is now personalized to reflect the way you work.

This is just one of the many ways in which Acumatica’s user interface can be customized to create a productive workflow environment.

Crestwood has a team of Acumatica experts to help you. If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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