Skype for Business – AutoDial from Microsoft Office

If you are using Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Microsoft CRM, have you noticed that the phone numbers in CRM are hyperlinks?  You can click on the links and the system will automatically launch Skype with the phone number all ready queued up to dial.

However, did you know that you can also simulate this functionality within most any Microsoft Office product?

For example, if you have a task in Outlook which is a reminder to call Frank, you can type
tel: then the area code and phone number and press enter. 

This line of text will turn into a hyperlink with a line underneath.  Then if you click on the hyperlink the program will launch Skype automatically for you.

Also, you can create quick shortcuts to documents or folders on your PC by typing
file:// then the path and file name. 

Here is an example for opening an excel file:

Or leave off the file name and the link will just take you to the folder.

Try this in other applications like Outlook, OneNote, Word and Excel.

Note:  You might get a warning when clicking on these links.  So, make sure they haven’t been tampered with since you do not want to accidentally launch a program or file that you are unfamiliar with.

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