Dynamics GP Exchange Email Not Working after Moving to Office 365

Client Issue:

We recently had a support case where a client was using one Exchange server, and had just moved their email to Office365.  They are using the “Exchange” email option in their environment since they are using Office and Outlook 64-bit.  When prompted to login with their Exchange email credentials, they would continue to be prompted to login again, and again, with no success.


In this case, we needed to reference the DYNAMICS SY04920 table.  In this table, you’ll find the GP User ID, their corresponding email address, and the most recent Exchange EWS Server URL that was used.  You can see everything in the table by running the following query in SQL Server Management Studio:


The results show the most recent Exchange URL used, and often will show your old mail provider’s URL.  For this case, we needed to update the information to the new Office365 URL.  To correct the issue, we run an update statement for each UserID in the table similar to the following (replace the UserID and URL with your appropriate values):

SET Exchange_Server_URL = 'https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx'

I did this update for each user, and now when I run:


as shown in the following screen shot, the Exchange URL is correct for each user.

After the above steps were completed, close and go back into Dynamics GP.  When prompted to login to Exchange, be sure to click the “Advanced Option” link in the lower right corner and enter the O365 email address for both the “Email Address” and “Login ID” fields.  Reference the following KB articles for more details, once the above steps have been completed  https://support.microsoft.com/en-my/kb/2961375.

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