Entering a Blanket Purchase Order in Dynamics GP

There are many instances when you will need to use a Blanket Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  For example, you might have subscriptions for support, where a customer is billed $200 per month on an annual basis.  Or, you might have a recurring order of widgets, but maybe you get 5,000 every other month.

In other words, you use Blanket Purchase Orders when quantities of a single item on the document are to be delivered in a series of shipments, usually on specific dates.

Here’s how Blanket PO’s work:

The first line item (line item 0) represents the quantity of the blank. Click on the Blanket Button to specify the timing of the shipments.

Purchase Order Entry

Go to:  Purchasing ®  Transactions ® Purchase Order Entry

Type: Select Blanket. Enter the purchase order the same as a standard one.

Item:  Enter the first line item as you would for a standard purchase order. The quantity ordered should represent the total quantity of the blanket.

The other lines represent the shipments and quantities that will be delivered.

You can view the details by clicking the Blanket Button at the top.

When you receive shipments on the blanket Purchase Order, use the Receiving Transaction entry.  Click on the Auto Receive button at the top.

Open your purchase orders and enter any quantities received.  Then, click Receive.

Note you can receive different quantities than ordered.

If you have lot or serial items, you will need to receive as below.

Here is an example of receiving a lot or serial item with a quantity of 3.

You would do the same for your other items.

When the Invoice comes in, you will want to record the invoice and match to the receipt.

Click on Auto invoice.

Next, click Invoice and you can now post.  You have completed the process on a Blanket Order.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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