Adding a Header Record to an ACH File in Acumatica

Some banks require additional information in the header section of your ACH file in Acumatica.

Here’s how:

Your bank has requested you to add the following to the header of your ACH file:

The $$ADD record needs to be added to the Header Record Section of the file.


BIN: HIJKLM12345678

Below is an example from the bank on the file that is being uploaded. You can see where the Header should go and how it should be displayed in the file.

Once you have the information from the bank, just locate the file that is going to be used.

Go to:  Finance > Cash Management > Configuration > Setup > Payment Methods (Screen ID CA204000)

Next, select the Payment Method you are using for ACH and click on the “Settings for Use in AP” tab. This will show you which Export Scenario is being used so you can locate the file from the Data Provider.

Now, navigate to the Export Scenario so you can see which Data Provider is being used.

Go to:  System > Integration > Manage > Export Scenarios (Screen ID SM207025)

Select the Export Scenario above by clicking on the magnifying glass and selecting Export AP Payment to ACH as shown below.

From this screen, you will also be able to determine the Data Provider, which, in this example, is ACHExportProvider.

Now, you will need to change the Data Provider.

Go to:  System > Integration > Manage > Data Providers (Screen ID SM206015)

Select the Data Provider by clicking on the magnifying glass and selecting ACHExportProvider.

To the right you will see there are files attached. Click on the word File/Files.

A new window will open that will show the files. You will click Edit to go to where the file is stored in Acumatica.

This will open a new Tab where you can now view the file, make changes and upload it back into Acumatica after the changes are made. Select the file you want to change and click View Selected Version.

To view the file, click on View Selected Version.

The file should download and you should be able to open it so you can add the information the bank has requested. When you open the file, it should look like this:

To add the Header Record, you will put your cursor to the left of the first 01# and press enter to create a new line, as shown below.

In order to put in the information requested by the bank, you will first need to put “01#” in front of it as shown below.

Now, add the bank information.


BIN: HIJKLM12345678

Save the file and upload it back into Acumatica. To do this, click on “Upload New Version.”

Choose your file and click Upload.

Your new file should not be listed as the latest Version ID.

Close the window for File Maintenance. You should now be back to the Data Provider Screen. Click on “Reload Parameters” and then copy the File Name to the Schema Line.

Your files will now have the additional information the bank has required.

Go to:  Finance > Accounts Payable > Enter> Batch Payments (Screen ID AP305000)

Testing the new header:

Select one of the Reference Numbers you already processed and click Export. Go to the file in the upper right hand corner and open the file.

You can see the file now contains the information we added for the bank. It is now ready to be uploaded to the bank for processing.

You have now successfully added the information to the file and it will be there each time you create the file to be uploaded to the bank.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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