Business Rules Recommendations in Dynamics 365 / CRM

There’s a great new feature added into the new designer for business rules in Dynamics CRM 2016 version 8.2 and Dynamics 365.  It’s called recommendations.

What are recommendations?

Recommendations allow you to provide a recommendation to users on how to fill out a field. You can set certain criteria around a field and if a user meets those conditions a recommendation icon will appear. What happens is, when a user meets the conditions you set, a little icon appears on the form next to that field showing the recommendation and a user can apply or disregard it.

When a user clicks the icon, another pop up appears with a recommendation. If you press the apply button it will fulfil the action you created and set the value of the field.

This is great!  I can now communicate with my users and remind them of things.  Let’s look at how to set up a recommendation.

Creating a recommendation:

First, you will go into the new business rules designer area.  In here, you will find recommendations as one of the choices for your condition.

Then drag the recommendation to the condition and begin by filling out the necessary properties including a title and details. After you must set an action.  To do this, select the details dropdown arrow on the recommendation and you will see a button called, “New Action”. This action (similar to a business rules action) will define a recommended field value which the user can apply or disregard.

When you select the New Action button under a Recommendation, a different kind of property will appear on the right-hand side. Here you will define the recommended field value.

Once you have set the properties, click on Apply.

Then make sure you validate your business rule, save it, and activate it.

Now go ahead and try it out!

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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