New Field in Dynamics SL 2015 – Reactivate Earnings

In Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, there is a great new time saving field in the Payroll Void Check Entry screen.  It specifies if the batch should indicate if the earnings are unpaid when it is released.  In older versions of Dynamics SL, you had to re-enter time if a check was voided and then re-issued.

Where & How:

In the Void Check Entry screen, scroll all the way to the right and you will see a field called Reactivate Earnings.  When you checkmark the Reactivate Earnings box, it will force the system to change the time entry transactions to un-paid, so a new payroll check can be generated.  If however, you leave this box unchecked, when a void check is processed, will require time to be re-entered if a new payroll check is to be generated.

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