Acumatica 2017 Go Lives

At Crestwood, we are thrilled with the success of Acumatica and the mindshare it has gained among those considering new ERP deployments.  We are continually impressed with the underlying technology, organizational responsiveness and leadership team.  In short, we find Acumatica to be a terrific business partner, for our clients and Crestwood alike.

The excitement we have for the platform is being realized continually by our client base.  Over the course of the past 3 months our team of solution experts have brought 5 clients live on Acumatica, version 6.1!  Each of these clients represent different industries and each is using the platform in different and profound ways.  These differences highlight the flexibility of the platform and its incredible underlying technology.  Among some key stats from our recent go-lives are:



Our deployments have been assisted by our deep team of Acumatica talent, including our MVP Mike Aichinger, incredible development expertise, outstanding project managers and incredible functional consultants!

Acumatica is among the best of the best when it comes to mid-market business applications.  Crestwood is thrilled to support the platform and incredibly excited for our clients who have recently gone live!

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