Payment Application in Dynamics SL Made Easy with Crestwood’s National Accounts


Do you receive checks from one customer to pay for multiple customers in Microsoft Dynamics SL?  Maybe you simply wish the Payment Application Screen in Dynamics SL was more user friendly?  Then consider Crestwood’s National Accounts Module for Dynamics SL.  We make payment application easy by adding in multiple sort options and an Auto-Apply feature.

Let’s take a look:


Quickly and easily, find your payment application history based on the invoice, Customer and Check/Doc Reference Number, or you can even choose the Solomon AR Check History.

Additionally, a key feature of Crestwood’s National Accounts for Dynamics SL, is that users can establish the Parent / Child Relationship.  You can also choose to Consolidate Statements across the accounts (for Parent and Children on the same AR Statement Cycle), or Perform Credit Checking based on the open AR for the Children as compared to the credit limit of the parent.


Completely integrated into Microsoft Dynamics SL, you will be comfortable and familiar with this time-saving add-in right away.

Contact us today for pricing and licensing options at or learn more about Crestwood’s National Accounts Module for Dynamics SL on our website.

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