How To:  Purchase Order Prepayments in Dynamics GP 2016

SmartList Builder- Purchase Order

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 enhanced the procedure to place prepayments on purchase orders making it easier when requiring an upfront payment from customers.


First, you must setup prepayments in the purchase order processing window.  Go to: Tools>Setup>Purchasing>Purchase Order Processing. Click to Allow Purchase Order Prepayments and Create manual prepayment from Purchase Order Processing. Choose a password (or leave blank for no password) and prepayment account.

Working with prepayments

Now, create a Purchase Order and enter a prepayment.

Next, click on the blue arrow next to your prepayment and select computer check or manual check.

Now, create a payables batch. Go to:  Transactions>Purchasing>Batches. Select computer check, checkmark Purchasing Prepayment Batch, and select your checkbook. Save the batch.

Lastly, edit the check batch.  Go to: transactions>purchasing>edit check batch.

Dynamics GP will automatically bring up the check to be printed and posted.

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