Acumatica Summit 2018: An Amazing Couple of Days for Crestwood and the Acumatica Community

Crestwood Associates is humbled and honored to be the recipient of multiple awards and accolades at the Acumatica Summit in Nashville last week. Not only did our team receive reward and recognition, but our client, XByte Technologies, won Acumatica Customer of the Year. Here’s a quick look at the entire list of Crestwood wins.

  1. Customer of the Year, XByte Technologies
  2. 2 MVPs, including Mike Aichinger, a back-to-back win
  3. Marketing Evangelist of the Year, Donna Krizik Parsons
  4. Cloud Adoption Partner of the Year
  5. US Partner of the Year, a back-to-back win 

Like the Oscars, for Acumatica Partners!

While there wasn’t a red carpet and fancy attire, there certainly was a lot of anticipation and celebration. Acumatica announced nominees in each category and then revealed the winners at their 2018 Summit conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Crestwood Associates started winning, and just didn’t stop!

First came the Customer of the Year award, which went to our client, XByte Technologies. We knew that they were going to be on stage, since Acumatica had created a video showcasing how they use the solution to run their business.  Crestwood was very excited to be included in the video. You can view it in its entirety here.

Mike A MVP Award

Acumatica MVPs

Then came the MVP awards, which Mike Aichinger, Senior Acumatica Consultant at Crestwood and Jeff Williams, Senior Acumatica Developer, both received for the second straight year. The Acumatica MVP award honors professionals in the Acumatica community who share their expertise, knowledge and dedication to the platform and product. They both worked tirelessly to advance our Acumatica practice and to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. This award is well-earned and deserved.


Cloud Adoption Partner of the Year

Cloud Adoption Partner Award

The next announcement was for the first ever Cloud Adoption Partner of the Year award. This award was given to Crestwood for being a SaaS expert and driving customers to choose subscription-based Acumatica solutions; saving customers’ time and money and mitigating the risk associated with managing aging servers and complex environments.

Marketing Evangelist of the Year

After that, we were surprised by a new award category, Marketing Evangelist of the Year, and thrilled to see that our very own Director of Marketing, Donna Krizik Parsons, was nominated and won. This award recognizes her outstanding contributions and support of the Acumatica community through marketing leadership efforts.

She has led the Acumatica Partner Advisory Board Marketing subcommittee for the last year and will continue in this role for 2018. Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, has been very appreciative of Donna’s efforts over the last year in helping to raise the level of awareness of Acumatica.

“This speaks great things about our talented employees and their commitment to serve,” said Tim Thompson.  “Both Crestwood and Acumatica look forward to a long-lasting partnership and helping customers get the most from their ERP systems.”

Partner of the Year AwardUS Partner of the Year

Ah, the moment we were all waiting for — the US Partner of the Year! The results are closely guarded, and hard as we tried, we didn’t get even a hint of whether we would win. So our group of 10 was sitting in the audience on pins and needles. And honestly, once we received the Cloud Adoption award, we really didn’t think we’d get the big kahuna shout-out too!

“We are so excited to recognize the expertise and commitment from Crestwood Associates for two years in a row and name them as the Acumatica Partner of the Year again in 2017,” said Jon Roskill, CEO Acumatica.

This prestigious designation rewards business excellence and customer satisfaction in delivering innovative Acumatica systems.  The Partner of the Year Award also touts Crestwood’s deep technical expertise, and our ability to drive adoption and help customers get results with Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution.

Tim Thompson, partner at Crestwood offered, “I deeply value the recognition from Acumatica, and I would like to call out the tireless efforts and outstanding talent of our internal Acumatica sales and implementation teams. They keep the bar high. We would not be here without them.”

Crestwood and Acumatica

Acumatica 10 Year Anniversary CakeCrestwood Associates has a long history with Acumatica.  Our team has been representing Acumatica almost since its inception back in 2008. Rick Feterick, one of our Account Executives, has been to every single Acumatica Summit and was instrumental in driving Crestwood’s Acumatica practice! You can read a little bit about him, and why he believes so strongly in Acumatica.

10 Years and Counting

If you’re doing the math, you may have noticed that Acumatica is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  They have come far in a short time, going from two techies in a basement to 140+ employees and over 4,000 customers worldwide.  While showing the slide of their trajectory, Jon Roskill made us all chuckle with, “Can you believe it has been 10 years? Which, in software years, makes us still a bunch of rambunctious teenagers.”

He’s right of course. But that youthfulness brings with it an amazing agility, and a fresh perspective to what might be called a rather dry industry.

Presenters at the keynotes showed off some amazing new features, including Amazon Alexa integrations, advanced GPS features, advanced intercompany, quick order processing, and so much more.

acumatica keynote

Jon Roskill and Ajoy Krishnamoorthy pictured above, chuckling at the sassiness of Alexa when asked if she knew where Summit 2019 would be held.

And then there were all the tracks!

Then we got to grab some snacks and take part in breakout sessions. I have to say, the marketing track was outstanding. Kathy Visser-May, Chief Marketing Officer of Acumatica, and her team really knocked it out of the park, highlighting results from 2017 and sharing tactics and programs that we could start using right away. This year’s sessions really took the learning down to a boots-on-the-ground level, giving us direction and metrics around what has worked and what hasn’t. I found the lead conversion benchmarks shared by Modern Marketing Partners particularly helpful.

Geoff Ashley, Vice President of Partner Strategy & Programs, presented a great session on how to go vertical, even if you have to drag us kicking and screaming.  I’m not sure that was the exact session title, but it gives you an idea of how much persuasion he employed during his talk. I’m still reviewing all of my notes a week later!

Get the Best of Acumatica Summit 2018

If you weren’t able to attend Acumatica Summit 2018, don’t worry since Crestwood has you covered. We are holding a Best of Summit 2018 webinar on March 21st.

Acumatica Summit 2019

Acumatica announced that next year’s summit will be held in Houston, TX so stay tuned for the specific dates.

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