How Secure is Your Business?

Computer Security
  • When’s the last time you thought about security for your business?
  • Or asked your IT team or partner security related questions?
  • Are you sure you’re covered in the event something happens?
  • How much data are you willing to lose?

Maybe you are like me, not an expert in security, and not sure about what to ask.  However, the biggest mistake any business can make is NOT making security a priority.  We hear about it quite regularly in the news, high profile data breaches and the aftermath on the business.  Investigators determine that reasonable and sometimes common sense security precautions were not in place.  We need to think about investing in security and implementing steps to reduce or mitigate risk as another required insurance plan.

However, the biggest mistake any business can make is
NOT making security a priority.

I asked Ben, one of my co-workers here at Crestwood, about our customers and security.  I was shocked to find out that we never get asked questions about it.  We have to ask a client about their security plan.  Which speaks to the fact that it’s not on the top of their minds.  We are generally trying to get our clients to think in terms of best practices when it comes to security.

So, it’s time to have that conversation.  Start with a security audit.  It’s crucial to have a full picture of your environment before making decisions about where to invest, since your system is only as secure as the weakest component.

Our partner MXOtech, specialists in security, is offering Crestwood customers a 50% discount on their security audit.  Normally $100 per computer, get their audit for only $50 per computer.

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