Missing AR Documents in the Dynamics SL AR Payment Application Window


Recently, we received a call from a client explaining how they were missing AR documents in the Detail area of the AR Payment Application screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL.  However, the missing documents did show up on the Aging Report and also showed as “open” in the Customer Maintenance Activity.  What’s going on?

Where are the Missing Documents?

If you’re also missing documents in the Detail area of your AR Payment Application screen in Dynamics SL, it’s most likely in another Payment Application batch that is either on hold or possibly suspended. In order to fix this, you will need to find that other batch and then release or delete it.

3 Ways to Find the Missing Documents:

  1. Open the Payment Application screen and press F3 in the batch number field. In the filter area, change the field to Status and search for batches that have a status of B or H or S. If you find a batch, bring it up and review it to see if the Customer and Documents are in the batch. If so, either release the batch or delete it.
    Payment application screen in Dynamics SL
  2. Run an AR Batch register to find batches that have not been released. On the Report tab, make sure you enter a begin period of when the document was entered and an end period of the current period. Enter the following info from this screenshot on the Select tab.
    AR Batch screen in Dynamics SL
    Review the batches found from the report in the Payment Application screen.  You will then have to either release or delete the batch containing the Customer and Documents.
  3. If you have access to SQL, run the following statement
Select * from artran where siteid = ‘XXX’

Replace the XXX with the document number that is missing. If data is returned look at the artran.batnbr field and bring this batch up in Payment Application. Note: This process will only work if the missing document has an Amt To Apply in the Payment Application batch.Again, you must either release or delete the batch containing the Customer and Documents.

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