Integrating OneNote with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Did you know that you could integrate OneNote with your Dynamics 365 environment? This will allow you to easily access a OneNote notebook directly from the 365 dashboard, adding additional functionality that the Customer Notes feature in 365 doesn’t support. You can easily share customer notes, and add images and drawings.


  • D365 Online version 8.0 and above
  • Turn on server-based SharePoint Integration
  • Be a system admin with D365 or have Read and Write privileges on record types that are customizable

How to set it up?

Navigate to Settings > Document Management > Enabled Server-Based SharePoint Integration.

Document management in Dynamics 365

Once that is set up in the same place you will now see OneNote Integration as an option

One Note integration in Dynamics 365

This will walk you through a wizard where you will determine which entities you want enabled for OneNote.

OneNote integration settings

Now where can I find it?

In the activity section of your record! A new OneNote will appear and when you select it, it will open OneNote Online.

Activity section of Dynamics 365

Activity section of Dynamics 365

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