Dynamics GP General Ledger Batch Integration with Excel Copy/Paste

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I run into a lot of clients that get Journal Entries which do not originate in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Whether it’s an outside payroll vendor, or a Point-of-Sale system, you probably receive Excel or .csv files. These journal entries might be multiple line entries or recurring entries. As long as they are in a readable format, you can quickly perform a batch integration and load them into Dynamics GP at once or create journal entries for multiple companies.

So, if you’re still creating Journal Entry distribution lines by keying them in manually (Transactions-> Financial->General) when you already have them in Excel, you need to try the Excel Copy/Paste function that came out with Dynamics GP 2013.

Integration using Copy/Paste from Excel

You can copy many lines at once. Using this Excel sample as a guide, you’d highlight A2:D3, and click Copy.

Excel Journal Entry Dynamics GP

Next, go into Dynamics GP and put your cursor in the Distribution area on the bottom half of the screen in the “Account” field. Then, click on the “Paste” button at the top that looks like an Excel icon.

Transaction Entry Dynamics GP

If all your accounts are already in Dynamics GP, and there are no errors, you should see your data populate like this:

Transaction Entry Dynamics GP

Otherwise, you’ll get an error report pop up and Dynamics GP will give you details as to which line had an issue (like an account number didn’t exist, etc.), so you can go back to Excel and fix your data and try the paste again.

If you need more flexible integration options, I recommend a supplemental product by Infinia Integrator for your Excel Copy/Paste.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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