Dynamics GP Purchase Order Received But No Invoice


Have you ever encountered a Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics GP that was still open but should be closed?  I had a customer run into this problem recently.  Here’s what I did to fix it.

First, I reviewed the Purchase Order process the client used.  We entered a PO like this one.

gp purchasing invoice entry

Next, we entered the Receipt in Dynamics GP.

Receipt entry window Dynamics GP

Then we entered the matching invoice.

Invoice entry order Dynamics GP

In this example, the Purchase Order was for a quantity of 10, the received quantity was 10, and the invoice matched for 10.  The PO automatically closes after the invoice match is posted.

The Problem:

Now, let’s take a look at the problem PO.  Under the Edit Purchase Order screen, you can see it is not closed.

Purchase order entry window Dynamics GP

The process the client used was as follows.  Enter PO as below.

Purchase order entry window Dynamics GP

The PO Receipt was created for 5.

Receipt entry window Dynamics GP po

The PO Invoice was then entered.  Do you see the problem yet?

how to add a purchase order in dynamics GP

Notice, only 4 items were received.  This meant that 5 were ordered, 5 were received, but only 4 were invoiced.  An easy way to find this information is by running a “Purchase Order Received Not Invoiced” report.

Purchase order received not invoiced report

For my customer, we found they had received a separate invoice for the one piece and entered this as a straight AP invoice.  This prevented the loop from closing.

So, we manually closed the PO using Edit Purchase Order.  While working with my customer, I found that due to their business process, they had a lot of other open Purchase Orders that should be closed.  To eliminate this error and reduce extra manual work, I developed a Macro to automatically close the Purchase Order when this happened.  It saved them lots of time and mistakes, and in the future, they now have a way to easily close their Purchase Orders.

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