Quickly Clearing Unused Receipts in Dynamics GP

clear receipts

We occasionally get requests from our Microsoft Dynamics GP users to clear unused receipts in the deposit window (Transactions>Financial>Bank Deposits). Sometimes a customer starts to use the bank reconciliation for the first time, or maybe someone just lost track of receipts and they never got posted. No matter the reason, here’s how to clear receipts.

Clearing Unused Receipts

To clear unused receipts that you don’t want, you want to use Clear Receipts in the deposit window. Transactions>Financial>Bank Deposits. Select Enter/Edit and the Deposit type Clear Receipts. Enter the deposit date, select the checkbook, mark the receipts you would like to clear and click on Post.

Clearing Unused Receipts

Note: When you enter a deposit to clear receipts, the deposit amount will be zero and the checkbook balance and GL balance will not update. The cash account updates when the receipt originally posts.

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