Keyboard Shortcuts in Acumatica

keyboard shortcuts

Acumatica exists to save you time, decrease errors, and ultimately save money. One way for users to superpower that efficiency is with keyboard shortcuts. We’ve written before about the reasons to use keyboard shortcuts, but here’s a refresher:

  • Increase efficiency
    What would take 4 clicks with a mouse can be accomplished with a single keystroke, drastically cutting down on time.
  • Reduces hand/wrist stress
    Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) can occur with excessive mouse usage. Fewer movements and using the keyboard more can help with this.
  • Better for multitasking
    Don’t ditch the mouse altogether – one hand on the keyboard with effective shortcut usage and the other hand on the mouse is a powerful multitasking combo.

Click here to download a comprehensive list of handy shortcuts for use within Acumatica. These are also accessible through the Help files in your system. Please feel free to contact our team with any additional questions.

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