How to Edit the CRM Source Pick List in Acumatica

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In Acumatica you will find a number of drop-down or pick lists defined in Automation Steps.  You can edit these lists however, it can be tedious and you don’t want to miss anything.  Here’s a quick tutorial.


Basics of Automation Steps

Acumatica Automation Steps and also known as workflows.  They consist of nodes and actions.  It’s within these steps you can define which reports and/or screens will be used in each workflow step.  It’s important to note that the actual automation steps are unique per system and are stored directly in the database, attached to the screen.  If you have further questions on Automation Steps, send us an email at

Example:  How-to edit the CRM Lead Source list

A number of drop down lists are defined in Automation Steps.  I’m going to edit the CRM Lead Source list as an example.

First, go to System > Automation > Manage > Automation Steps and call up the screen and go to the fields tab.

Acumatica CRM Source Pick List

In this screen, go the next empty line and add a row similar to this:

Acumatica CRM Source Pick List


Click on the Combo Box Values button.  Next you can edit the following items:

Acumatica CRM Source Pick List


On your subsequent steps, use Reload Combo Box Values instead of redoing the values at each step.  The Active tickbox is not part of the Reload Combo Box Values so the list may need review at each step.

Repeat these steps for any other areas using this list, such as the Opportunity screen.

Note:  in this example, Lead Class also uses the Source Drop Down list to set the default Source for the Lead Class.  That Screen has no Step IDs and is not affected by any changes made on the Lead Screen.

Acumatica CRM Source Pick List

Acumatica CRM Source Pick List


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