Three Awesome New Features for AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica

AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica

Are you using our AP Inbox Assist add-on for Acumatica yet? If you aren’t, you’re missing out. Never chase down paper invoices again.  Streamline your experience, from receipt of invoice to approval to payment. Our custom-made product is better than ever with these new features.  Here is a list of three new things you can do with AP Inbox Assist:

  • Create unlimited system emails.
    We’ve added a check box labeled “Enabled in Inbox” on the System Email Setup. Now you can setup multiple AP Inbox Assist emails and have your vendors send their bills to specific email addresses. Then you can then filter on them based on your needs. For example, if you have different people processing invoices from different locations, simply set up separate AP Inbox emails by “Branch.”  If you assign specific vendors to specific AP Invoice Processers, then create separate emails for each and the processor can filter on their group. There are many ways to utilize this new feature; be as creative as you like.
    AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica


  • Create Multiple Accounts Payable Documents from one email with multiple invoice attachments.
    AP Inbox Assist for AcumaticaIf you receive two files in one email and they belong to two invoices, it’s easy to fix. Just select one, and uncheck the field “Mark Email as Processed” in the AP Info popup window, and when you come back to this screen the “Already in AP” will be checked for the document you just created and then you can check the next picture and create the 2nd AP bill.


  • Add a new vendor “on the fly” in the AP Info popup window.
    AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica
    This means less data entry, which always means less time spent and fewer mistakes made!  AP Inbox Assist will fill out the grid and vendor defaults in the AP document screen.  You are done quickly and can release the invoice for approval routing and processing, unless you need to split out the invoices.AP Inbox Assist for Acumatica 


The perks of working with a partner like Crestwood is our extensive network of in-house developers who can create add-on products to customize a client’s ERP experience to work exactly for the unique needs of their business. Our list of custom products is a result of years of experience working with our clients, and solving their problems. AP Inbox Assist is our answer for that endless stream of email and paper invoices, requiring multiple steps to receive, enter, approve, and pay. This product automates the cycle, drastically cutting the time needed to process invoices and reducing errors along the way. And, since we built it in-house, we are constantly improving the product to ensure that it continues to work for you. Contact us at to learn more!



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