Make Your Dynamics GP System Better in 2019

Dynamics GP enhancements

Have your voice heard for getting the product features and enhancements you want into the next Dynamics product release!

As new releases of Dynamics GP come out, there are great “What’s New” blogs and documents that capture the newest product features you can take advantage of if you decide to upgrade.  But are you still waiting to see that one feature that might make your daily routine in Dynamics GP just a bit easier?  Or, are you planning to upgrade to a new version and you have your fingers crossed there will be an enhancement that can finally allow you to get that ROI you’ve been hoping for?  No need to keep your fingers crossed when you can actually submit your suggestion directly to Microsoft and vote to get that feature on the product roadmap.  Here’s where I’ll tell you how.

Start by logging in to the Microsoft Ideas List website.

This is where you can make suggestions for Dynamics GP product features by adding your product suggestion. You can also see if any suggestions are “planned” for the upcoming release or if they’ve been “rejected”:

Suggest a New Idea

Then, once you’ve submitted your idea, enlist your colleagues to go and vote. Of course, Microsoft has final say in determining which features will make it through to the product release, but your vote counts and at least you have the forum to make your suggestion.

The newest release of Dynamics GP is GP 2018 R2. Here’s where you can catch up on the release enhancements for that version:

Dynamics GP is GP 2018 R2 release enhancements

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