Displaying the Vendor Document Number in the Purchasing All-in-One View

New Features in Dynamics GP 2018 R2

New Feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2

By popular user demand: The Vendor Document Number is now available on the “Purchasing All-in-One View” window. No more jumping from screen to screen and cross-referencing document numbers! This helps the user track the payments and credit documents together with the invoice they have been applied to. Users can now view the “Applied to” document number associated with the payments, credit memos, and returns.

Here’s How

Navigate to Purchasing > Inquiry > Purchasing All-in-One View.

Then click the arrow to expand the payment, credit memo, or return record. The “Applied to” information is now available, along with a link to the document it was applied to:

Vendor Document Number in GP R2


New Features in Dynamics GP 2018 R2

Maybe it’s time to think about an upgrade for your business. Did you know that Microsoft Mainstream Support ended for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on 4/10/2018?  This means no more updates, including payroll and tax updates.  Also, we recommend that you do not fall more than two versions behind. With each new version, upgrades become more complicated and costly.

There are lots of new features released in Dynamics GP 2018 R2 to increase efficiency and improve your business.  Check out the detailed “What’s New” list from Microsoft.

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