Should I Upgrade Dynamics GP or Switch Systems?

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When your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is having trouble keeping up with your business,  it’s important to weigh your options carefully before you decide whether to upgrade to a new version or make the switch to different software.  I recently worked with a client to determine the best course of action for their distribution company.  We reviewed their current Dynamics GP system, along with a number of customizations.  We determined upgrading would be very costly and only provide them with a handful of new features.  On the other hand, making the switch to Acumatica would provide long-term cost savings.  Since Acumatica is 100% web-based, there is no investment in additional hardware; as well as the ability to add unlimited users and access from anywhere and any device.  Acumatica’s modern platform, also provided an easy-to-use system and flexible customization options.

Goodbye Dynamics GP

Dynamics products are still great and many organizations rely heavily on current Microsoft technologies, but Dynamics GP is built on an older platform.  It’s a traditional client-server product and was not originally designed for the cloud. There have been enhancements so that Dynamics GP can be hosted on a remote server, but still a lot of missing features when you compare Dynamics GP to a modern, true-cloud ERP product. Additionally, many Dynamics GP customers also require the need for third-party software products.  For example, if you want to integrate with Dynamics CRM you need a back-end integration service to make the two systems “talk;” whereas Acumatica has a built-in CRM module.

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Acumatica is one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions.  I have helped a number of Dynamics GP clients make the switch and the benefits are amazing.  Read some of our success stories here.  Customers love the fact that Acumatica gives them deployment options: on-premise or in the cloud.  Their pricing model is revolutionary too, with unlimited users, including access for your vendors. All of our Acumatica customers are saving money and they report that the system is easier to use, with more flexibility to meet their growing business needs, and runs faster than ever.  So, if you are looking for the best price/value, performance, functionality, and ease of use, of any ERP product available for your business, then make sure you consider Acumatica.

In the end, the ERP solution you choose will be an integral part of your company for several years. We encourage you to perform due diligence when considering the purchase of any ERP system. Ask questions and take a close look at your business requirements over the next few years.  We want to make sure you get the ERP system that is right for your company now and in the future.


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